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Dear friends & ministry partners,

Thank you to everyone who came out for Our “Hope Impacts” event, Oct 16. What a great time of fellowship and opportunity to understand more about the purpose and ministry of Love & Truth Network, to equip Christian leaders on some of the most difficult and critical issues of our time.
We heard many amazing testimonies of men and women rescued from things like; debilitating fear of rejection, inability to trust God and others, self-hatred, infidelity, pornography addiction, gender identity confusion, shame and false religious identity (living a double/secret life). Several pastors endorsed Love & Truth Network as they shared openly about their past moral failures and God’s overcoming power to break their sexual addictions. God is so good and still mighty to transform!
This was our 1st annual partnership development & fundraising event, as well as the launch of our online campaign (thru Giving Tuesday, Dec 1). We’re inviting spectators who are somewhat aware of our ministry, into vital engagement with us! We’re eager to raise our current level of partnership in three key ways.
  1. Prayer support (divine doors of opportunity and favor with Christian leaders, traveling mercies & protection over our family).
  2. Ambassadors (men and women who catch our vision and work to develop open doors and ministry connections for Love & Truth Network).
  3. Financial support (strengthen our current financial foundation, building toward healthy, intentional growth and national influence).

Each week during our online campaign we’ll highlight a different aspect of ministry.This week we’re writing about our ministry to…

Pastors & Christian leaders. Christian leaders are typically stretched incredibly thin, with little to no margin remaining in their lives. Marriage and family often suffer the long hours and intensity of ministry. Their personal lives can begin to unravel in areas of sexual integrity. I’ve seen statistics which indicate that 37%-50% of pastors are struggling with pornography.
A Christianity Today survey found that 23% of the 300 pastors who responded admitted to sexually inappropriate behavior with someone other than their wives while in the ministry.
Where can pastors find the support they need to deal honestly with their brokenness, vulnerability to sexual sin and failure?
Pastors can’t lead their churches into sexual integrity if they themselves are mired in sexual immorality.
We offer confidential mentoring and support to struggling leaders.
Will you help us prevent ministry failure, while strengthening churches to be healing hospitals – beginning with the “doctors and staff”?

Our new donation platform opens up brand new opportunities for non-cash giving! In addition to credit and debit donations, you can now easily donate a car, RV, boat, stocks, real estate, jewelry, and even those unused gift cards! Check it out by clicking this link!