Sexual and relational wounds cut deep into the core of who we are and develop over a long period of time from a variety of sources and relationships.  Therefore, when dealing with these wounds, it will take time and many different positive relationships to become more and more whole.

It is important to maintain realistic expectations when dealing with the bent places in our identities.  God can do great things, but He wants to heal us through experience and community over a period of time, in part so that our hard-won freedom is not taken for granted.

We must have patience and trust God to work in His way and time.  And while we must hold on to expectancy (the trust that God is working in us), we must often let go of expectation (our idea of what that work will and should look like).  God has paths and plans for us that exceed anything we could imagine and often baffle our sense of how and when things should unfold.

For most of us, our surrender to Christ in how we steward our sexuality and attractions will be a life-long journey of sanctification. Thankfully, over time as we grow and experience greater wholeness it becomes easier for most of us to bring our sexual inclinations and attractions in line with God’s revealed design and protective boundary.

But we can be sure that God wants the best for us.  He has already prepared our path toward wholeness within the healing framework of His community, and He will see us through the journey as we cry out and depend upon Him.

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