Imagine a church culture where people feel safe to share their darkest secrets, a place where hurt people experience the love and restoration of Jesus throughout the week, where members have experienced powerful grace and healing in their own lives and gladly give away that healing through discipleship and doing life together! Gal5:13


The goal of Love and Truth Network is to help churches & Christian organizations become healing hospitals. Understanding that real culture-shift takes years, our desire is to walking with you through the process.

As a leader you may have many people under your care with a saving knowledge of Jesus, but still living in captivity to brokenness and sin, especially in the area of relationship and sexuality.

Some common examples of this are:

  • Fear of being honest at church due to perceived gossip or judgment.
  • Frustration over the inability to kick a pornography habit.
  • Unhealthy relational patterns for single individuals, fearing they will be alone forever.
  • Confusion about how to love and relate to homosexual or transgendered friends or family members.
  • Dysfunction of married couples living as room-mates, avoiding sex and real emotional intimacy.
  • Compromise of couples living together and not understanding why they should get married.
  • Denial of functional Christians living with buried pain of sexual, physical, emotional or spiritual abuse.

Love & Truth Network does not compromise difficult Biblical passages on sexuality but empowers leaders and strugglers to walk in a way that’s redemptive and hope-filled.

We are available for:

  • Preaching and teaching on Sundays or during the week (one-time or series)
  • Teaching and ministry times for leadership or congregational retreats
  • Helping to develop and lead local or regional conferences
  • Facilitation of large-scale meetings and organizational gatherings
  • Customized ministry development tailored to your specific needs and context
  • Sharing personal testimonies of life-change
  • Meetings with leadership teams
  • Confidential support of leaders
  • Individual mentoring
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