Who We Are:

Love and Truth Network was started in 2013 by Garry and Melissa Ingraham after more than 12 years of ministering to individuals and communities dealing with relational and sexual struggles.

We are a 501c3 non-profit ministry based in Upstate New York.



Though I grew up in a Christian family it was a home without much warmth or love. Our church was legalistic and unbalanced. As a child, a realization began to set in; I was developing strong and growing attraction to other guys. After praying for years and begging God to take away what He clearly condemned in Scripture, I worked up the nerve to approach several Christian leaders about the battle going on inside of me. They provided no answers and offered no help or support. After that I rebelled altogether. Looking for “Mr. Right” while experiencing sexual “freedom” took a huge toll on my life.

Eventually, God brought me to an unusual church that offered to walk alongside me, even with all my sin, weakness and immaturity. Over time, the men treated me as if I belonged with them (that was a new experience). They cared and showed the real love of Jesus to me. Just by being in relationship with me they began to “call out” the good of the masculine – established in me by God from the beginning. Honestly, they didn’t really even know what they were doing, they were just good men who understood their own depravity and didn’t view or treat me as uniquely screwed up. God began to use his sons and daughters in this “healthy-enough” church to reveal and bring out the “truest me”– the man I was created to be.

God called me into full-time ministry, and after 12 years of working at this church and pastoring, I’m still on my healing journey. I founded Love & Truth Network, a ministry that comes alongside Christian leaders to help equip them to create redemptive, compassionate and transformational environments for people experiencing all kinds of relational and sexual brokenness — the majority of us in the body of Christ!



Melissa is a National Certified Counselor and is licensed in New York State as a Mental Health Counselor. She graduated from Regent University with a Masters in Community Counseling. Melissa provides counseling for women, men, and adolescents dealing with relational and sexual issues, as well as depression, anxiety, and the effects of abuse and trauma. Professional affiliations include the American Counseling Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors.

Prior to moving to New York State in September 2006, Melissa was the assistant director of Regeneration Ministries of Northern Virginia. Previously, she worked in Washington, DC on the 9-11 Commission (National Commission on Terrorist Attacks upon the United States), the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, and for a member of the U.S. Congress.

Melissa and her husband, Garry, were married in September 2007 and have two sons.

We are available for:

  • Preaching and teaching on Sundays or during the week (one-time or series)
  • Teaching and ministry times for leadership or congregational retreats
  • Helping to develop and lead local or regional conferences
  • Facilitation of large-scale meetings and organizational gatherings
  • Customized ministry development tailored to your specific needs and context
  • Sharing personal testimonies of life-change
  • Meetings with leadership teams
  • Confidential support of leaders
  • Individual mentoring
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